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Post by Matt Parkman. on Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:41 am

Break these and die, we mean it, fail to follow these and you’re out.

No bullying. We detest bullying; on this site everyone’s equal. No racist, sexist, ageist comments will be tolerated.

Don’t spam.

Don’t type like a n00b. Type like a normal person, if English is your second language, for obvious reasons you are excused.

You can swear so long as it is not directed at anyone.

No offensive posts. This includes pictures. None of us want to see Ali Larter naked.

For the mean time, confessions and secrets kept secrets threads are not allowed. These can cause paranoia and discomfort within a community, we don’t want this, you can use other forums for this. If you have a problem you wish to discuss use the “Here to help” thread in the Community section, someone will privately contact you so you can rant etc in peace. For similar reasons, anomonous letters are not allowed in the letters thread.

Dup threads are not tolerated and will be locked.

Before posting Fan fictions/RP’s read the rules.

Use proper capitalization or things look messy.

If you use someone elses ava's / signatures - credit them.

All articles must be your own work, however if it's not - you MUST credit and link sources.

Dup accounts will be blocked.
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