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RP Rules. Empty RP Rules.

Post by Peter Petrelli. on Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:40 am

Role-playing rules

Now, to avoid conflict we’re going to have one basic rule, only one Heroes universe character, alive or dead per person, unless you are a member of staff in which you can control two, this is not a way of upsetting others this is merely a way of thanking staff for their help. In order to “claim” a character, it has to be cleared with myself, if the character is needed for anyone’s group RP and that character is essential but the person with the claim will not participate someone else can take up the character but only for that RP. Original characters are very welcome.

A high level of English must be used, meaning you must use spelling, grammar and punctuation. You will not be in trouble for odd mistakes, we’re all human we all make them; this isn’t like the fan fiction section where these must be abided by.

To avoid upsetting people in relationships, if your character wishes to seek romance with another character on the board they can do so if the person controlling this character agrees. Any romances need to be kept strictly PG. We are not having people ruining this site with filth. It is a community for all ages, deal with it. If you are caught harassing a member to seek romance with you I will ban you.

If talking out of character you must use some form of OOC [out of character]

As the administrator in charge of RP’s if you feel your RP has been locked unfairly, contact me, if you wish to have someone removed from a RP, again contact me, if someone is breaking the rules do not hesitate to report them.

Also, the character claiming rules are as follows, messaging me with your character choice, I will tell you yes or no, depending on if they are taken. You can have as many original characters as possible and dead characters can be used. We are not following the NBC plotlines, apart from the characters ability and mannerisms. Once your character has been approved I will add your claim to the list I will make up later, if the characters taken, get over it, this runs on a first come, first serve basis.

To recruit for a RP post in the recruitment thread with your plot etc before creating your RP, dead RP’s will be locked so follow this rule.

You must follow basic RP rules, for example if your character can not regenerate do not bring them to life instantly, do not play god, do not upset others or I will ban you from this section.

OC’s must have a profile with their ability on it, this will avoid people breaking the power playing rule.

These rules are subject to change and every post must comply with the general board rules.

The moderators/admins can lock anything they deem unsuitable.
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